Private vs Public

Private: To be “in the private” is to be in a “private capacity” as a Man or Woman, having flesh and blood, arms and legs, a conscious mind, a spirit, and Life. All Men and Women are created as equal Sovereigns, endowed with Unalienable Rights, Responsibilities, and Credit (commercial energy). As Private Sovereigns, they are Creditors. Their right to contract is Unlimited, and they have full commercial liability. They are outside and above the State.

Public: To be “in the public” is to “act” as an “accommodation party” in a “public capacity” in “joinder” to an “artificial person” created and governed by the State. All Men and Women who “act” in “joinder” to fictional entities are granted conditional Privileges and Benefits prescribed in “Acts” of legislation. As Public Servants, they are Debtors. Their right to contract is Limited, and they have limited commercial liability. They are inside and under the State.