No Contract Labels




These labels are for unwanted contract presentments (bills) sent to the “legal person” in the mail.

All presentments are contract offers requiring the free and genuine consent of a man or a woman who is willing to “act” as an “accommodation party” in “joinder” to a “legal person”.

It is important not to ignore a presentment because your silence is tacit acceptance of a contract.

So if you genuinely do not wish to accept any benefit being offered in a presentment, one option is to return it to the sender by affixing a sticky label over the address window stating “NO CONTRACT – RETURN TO SENDER”.

Please be aware that although these labels can be effective for small alleged fees and fines, banks and government agencies, especially, are doggedly persistent and will usually continue to send presentments to the “legal person” via their automated mailing systems. Another remedy may be more effective, such as a process of Conditional Acceptance leading to Estoppel.